Custom Camelbak Water Bottles

The Camelback Brand is one of the best known brands of water bottles, ranking up there with Nalgene, Klean Kanteen, Kor water bottle and Sigg, to name a few. Now they are available to purchase with your own company logo.

While the full line is not available, we are carrying 6 different sizes. When you look at Camelback and their pricing, you have to ask yourself, how do I justify this price? The answer is simple… Quality and name recognition.

Although these are a slightly different category than water bottles, we have been doing a number of orders recently for both Tervis Tumblers and a number of knock off competitors. What we found was that the knock offs separated and broke down much faster than Tervis, thus supporting the higher price and higher perceived value that your customer recognizes by receiving a brand name.

Below are a few of our catalog pages for Camelback. Pricing is approximate and is based on a 1 color print. Production time is approximately 3 weeks after proof approval. Discounts available when placing multiple orders.

The below links are 2013 pricing. We still have stock on some of these models.
Catalog Page 1
Catalog Page 2
Catalog Page 3
Catalog Page 4

2015 pricing can be found here.

Should you be looking for lower cost options, these are very similar.

Contact us with any additional questions. Samples must be paid for in advance and will ship using your shipper number.

Custom Mixing Bottles

Custom Mixing bottles are the next craze in the custom water bottle market. We will continue to add new selections.  This is the most recent find.

Custom Mixing Bottles

Here is our most recent design. It is a 24 ounce Tritan bottle.  Minimum order is 150 units.  Price is $4.95 each plus $50 setup and shipping. It’s available in Black, Lime, Red and Blue.



Contact your Professional Gifting salesperson for samples and additional pricing information.

Top Ten Shaker Bottles

If you were not aware, many people are changing from a traditional meal to high protein energy shakes. Our goal in this post is to share with you the supplement shaker bottles that are customizable in all price ranges.

This post is a work in progress, but believe me, we offer almost every solution available. This is also a very patent rich category. Beware of “knocking off” any of these bottles as the patent owners will be very aggressive if they find your logo on a non-approved bottle. Here is our selection:

Cyclone Bottles

Worlds Best Shaker

If you have a smaller budget, this is a new design that is priced between $6 and $9.  Minimum order is 50 pieces.

Custom Mixing Bottles

Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for more information and to place an order for these products. Subject to stock confirmation.

Tervis Wine Glasses

It’s finally here!!!! While there are a number of counterfeits, the real Tervis Wine Glass is now available from our custom division. We are awaiting some of our customized samples, but these will be burning off the shelves by spring. While housed in the standard 24 ounce shell. the goblet portion holds a hefty 16 ounces of your favorite elixir.

Tervis Wine Glass

Pricing is as low as $15 each and yes, the lid is an additional $3.17 each.

There are many lower cost options.  Some include the styles below.
The plastic wine tumblers below are priced at $5 each, includes 1 color logo, minimum order is 144 units, add $40 setup charge.

Insulated Wine Glasses


Contact your Professional Gifting sales associate for samples and pricing.

Leeds 2013 New Water Bottles

Leeds has started the year off with a wide selection of new water bottle designs for 2013. The first thing I notice is that most of the product is clear. I think people like to see what is in their bottle and how clean the container is.

Another new trend is full color printing. We offer a number of solutions for full color graphics.

Regardless of what style water bottle you are looking for, Professional Gifting has an option that will fit your budget and time frame. Contact your PG sales associate today.

Tervis Tumbler Water Bottle

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to discuss this item. Tervis is without a doubt one of my favorite factories to work with, with the exception that they are a bit slow to deliver.  Average turn time is 3-4 weeks. Back to the bottle.

Along with it’s 24 ounce capacity, the loop top makes it easy to clip on a backpack while traveling, you can fill it up easily with ice and the double wall insulation keeps the outside dry.  They have also designed this with measuring rings, so you can formulate your own beverage properly. You can’t help but love this item which is made in the USA as well.  The lifetime guarantee is also a huge plus.

We recently produced a large order for the ones below. Be sure to contact us for Tervis Tumbler wholesale pricing.


Tervis has also integrated a number of new printing processes that give the product a more current look. While they still do the embroidered patches, screened decals have a sharp look to them as well.

For samples and additional information, contact your Professional Gifting sales associate.

Filtered Water Bottles

The next generation water bottles coming on the market are filtered water bottles. There are so many out there, but I will focus on just a few.  Did you know that over 60 million plastic bottles are discarded every day? Toxin levels also rise as bottles sit for longer periods of time.
First on deck:

NUBO Bottles: These are available blank, in small quantities for around $12 without the neoprene casing.  If you order at least 96 units, you can get your logo on the side of the bottle or on the neoprene.













While many companies are coming out with their own name brand filtered water bottles, there are a number of non branded bottles that might fit your budget better. The 1622-49 Cool Gear Water Filtration Bottle is likely the best value. I especially like the fact that they come in 4 colors and clear.

We will continue to update this post as new product becomes available. Be sure to contact us for all of your custom water bottle needs. Here are a few additional options.

Option 1
Option 2
Camelbak Brand
Custom Water Bottles 

Ultimate Recycled Glass Water Bottles

These are for the person who has everything. The ultimate in eco-friendly high end water bottles. These are ideal for resorts that will spare no expense for perfection. For individuals that yearn for the best of the best.

They are available in 2 sizes. 22 and 16 ounce.  Minimum order is 32 units and the price range is $30 – $33 each for the 16 ounce and $32 – $35 for the 22 ounce. This includes customization and there is a $50 setup charge. These prices are based on deep etch only, with color fill available at an additional charge.

I would like to see these used in Advertising Agencies where an eco-friendly environment is important. Imagine if you were a client and were asked if you wanted a bottle of water and it was served in this container, and then you could take it with you? These are so much better than reusing plastic water bottles. While these may appear to be the most expensive bottled waters, the cost comes down significantly by re-using them over and over. Therefore they are the best reusable water bottles on the market. And of course, they are BPA free. There are a number of sources for individual glass water bottles, but we are the best source for custom water bottles.

Promotional products are really all about the image you want your customer/prospect/employee to remember you by. Next time you are considering purchasing 1000 water bottles, also consider a smaller quantity for the masses and 2-3 cases of these for the people that are most important to you, because that is exactly what these say… “You are important to me”.

Samples are $35 each plus shipping.


Here are a few examples of customization. The Facebook bottle is a straight deep etch, while the other 2 are etched and color filled.