Tommy Gun Flask

As we are always searching for creative flask ideas, this Tommy Gun Flask popped up.  Great as a creative prohibition item or speak easy idea, this is a sure winner.  Minimum order is 2 pieces, price is $34 each.  Be sure to call for bulk discounts.

Custom Water Bottle Flask

Every year there are new improvements and innovation in almost every facet of the custom water bottle market. New materials are used, different shapes and unique new features. Why in the world would it have taken so long for us to develop the plastic water bottle flask??? This 12 OZ Flask Water Bottle is a sure winner when it comes to personalized bottled water. Stock has been difficult to procure lately, so be sure to check with us for other options.

12 OZ Bottled Water Flask

These are a great fit for:

  • Motor Cycle Ride Events
  • Biker Events
  • Drinks for designated drivers
  • Liquor Company hand outs

With starting quantities at 600 units, these 12 ounce water bottles range in price from $1.00 to $1.50 each. The label can also be decorated with a 4 color process label.

Another recent find are these beautiful square water bottle flasks.  They are BPA free and made with high clarity food safe acrylic.  Minimum order is 75 units and prices fall between $8 and $10, depending on quantity.

Water Bottle Flask

Next time you are looking for a unique custom water bottle, be sure to contact your Professional Gifting sales representative.


Are Folding Water Bottles the next trend?

While these have been out for about a year, folding or collapsible bottles are becoming more and more popular. My favorite one (this week) is the Hydra bottle below. Mainly because it looks like a bottle (boy does that sound stupid).


There are a number of different sizes, shapes and price points available, but I would also beware.  I did have one of these precious bottles leak when I went bowling. The worst part is that it was carrying red wine in it. Most people refer to these as VAPUR bottles.

If you are looking for creative ideas, be sure to contact one of our sales associates. You would be surprised at some of the ideas we come up with.

Custom Milk Bottles are a Winner

There is a whole new line of glass water bottles out that have a super clean look. I particularly like the milk bottles for Indy 500 event ideas. They also look great when filled with Jelly Bellies. Prices are as low as $3.50 each.


Custom Milk Bottles

All of these bottles fall in the $3.50 to $6 range. Contact us for your free sample to qualified buyers.

Whats New…. Porcelain Water Bottles

Enter… The latest innovation in sport bottles is the porcelain sport bottle. This new H2Go product comes in 16 ounce and 27 ounce sizes, is single walled and is available with 11 optional color lids.

Prices fall in the $6 to $8 range, in small to mediu

m size quantities. The first shipment of these just came in, so I am sure they will be gone pretty quick. Contact us if you would like a sample.

How does Tervis compare to the knock off’s?

Having grown up in Sarasota, Tervis tumblers have been a part of my life for over 40 years. I have been to their store in Venice (Not to be confused with Italy) a few times and have since found them through out the country. I have become so fond of these cups and have purchased so many of them that I even leave one at friends houses, so when I am visiting I can still drink out of it. And yes, I have also been known to take them on vacation with me. SEE FREE OFFER BELOW!!!

Being in the Promotional Product business, I was excited to see a number of knock offs arrive, at much lower prices. While I have been using both original Tervis and knock offs for the last year, I have come to a conclusion. I still love my Tervis tumblers best.

One of my sons recently dropped an impostor on the floor and the bottom cracked. I’m not talking about a little crack, I’m talking about a hole. If it were a Tervis, I would place them on a top shelf in my cupboard and send it back to the factory. I do this every 3 or 4 years and they always send me back a new one.

I guess you may be left with 1 more question. Which one should I be buying? Well, it depends. With budget always a relative influence, you might want togo to a knock off and you will pay anywhere from $4.00 to $8.00 each for a 16 ounce tumbler. If you choose Tervis, you will fall in the $10 to $12 range. I think it all depends on what you want your customer thinking about your gift a year or two after they have received it. The Tervis brand also shows that they are dishwasher safe, while most knock off’s are not.

With all of the traffic this page has gotten since I originally posted this, I am shocked at how many more Tervis Brand Tumblers we have sold.

For a wide selection of tumblers click here.

For free samples, contact us with your shipper number.

Place your order for 144 units and receive a free set of wine ice cubes (while supplies last).

Added 9-14-2012: After having used a number of Tervis Tumbler knock offs over the last 6 months, here are a few additional findings. They tend to break pretty easily if dropped.  the one below both separated the inner and outer lining, as well as break the plastic when it hit the floor. When ever I give these to people, they really appreciate them, but then it might break down. I still go for the Tervis first.

I did find another very creative, non Tervis item that offers Variable Data Printing. The tumblers below start at an amazingly low 24 unit minimum and the price range is $6-$7, in smaller quantities and as low as $5 in larger quantities. I love the fact that there is no additional charge for the data insert.  Variable data allows you to change individuals names on each item.  In fact, we do this frequently with calendars.







Yet another item is the acrylic insulated wine glasses shown to the side. These are available blank in 24 unit cases for $7 each, plus $19.95 shipping to most USA locations. And since we are talking about wine, we have also started offering the wine ice cubes.  Price is $20 per set, plus $9.95 shipping.


Stainless Steel or Aluminum Sport Bottles

Stainless Steel sport bottles are another option when choosing a promotional bottle. You may ask yourself… What is the difference between stainless steel and aluminum? The main issue is the fact that unless properly lined, the aluminum bottles will have a tenancy to leach, or have an odor over time, as mentioned by MindfulEats. Aluminum is lighter and a little more expensive in some cases. What I really like are all of the colors.

Once again, as I mentioned in our “Best Price” segment, shipping costs can be quite high if you are in New York and our supplier ships out of California. That is where our shipping consultants will be able to give you an exact shipping quote or better yet, we may be able to source from a closer location, saving time and shipping costs.Order quantities are as low as 36 units ($7.99 each + $50 setup). Pricing comes down significantly when ordering in large quantities. Sometimes lower than shown, provided time allows for a direct import.

There are so many different options when looking at these bottles, it is hard to see them all in any one spot. The best solution is to contact us when developing your promotional plan.

For a wide selection of custom stainless steel sport bottles click here or here.

For free samples, contact us with your shipper number.