Custom Water Bottle Flask

Every year there are new improvements and innovation in almost every facet of the custom water bottle market. New materials are used, different shapes and unique new features. Why in the world would it have taken so long for us to develop the plastic water bottle flask??? This 12 OZ Flask Water Bottle is a sure winner when it comes to personalized bottled water. Stock has been difficult to procure lately, so be sure to check with us for other options.

12 OZ Bottled Water Flask

These are a great fit for:

  • Motor Cycle Ride Events
  • Biker Events
  • Drinks for designated drivers
  • Liquor Company hand outs

With starting quantities at 600 units, these 12 ounce water bottles range in price from $1.00 to $1.50 each. The label can also be decorated with a 4 color process label.

Another recent find are these beautiful square water bottle flasks.  They are BPA free and made with high clarity food safe acrylic.  Minimum order is 75 units and prices fall between $8 and $10, depending on quantity.

Water Bottle Flask

Next time you are looking for a unique custom water bottle, be sure to contact your Professional Gifting sales representative.