Stainless Steel or Aluminum Sport Bottles

Stainless Steel sport bottles are another option when choosing a promotional bottle. You may ask yourself… What is the difference between stainless steel and aluminum? The main issue is the fact that unless properly lined, the aluminum bottles will have a tenancy to leach, or have an odor over time, as mentioned by MindfulEats. Aluminum is lighter and a little more expensive in some cases. What I really like are all of the colors.

Once again, as I mentioned in our “Best Price” segment, shipping costs can be quite high if you are in New York and our supplier ships out of California. That is where our shipping consultants will be able to give you an exact shipping quote or better yet, we may be able to source from a closer location, saving time and shipping costs.Order quantities are as low as 36 units ($7.99 each + $50 setup). Pricing comes down significantly when ordering in large quantities. Sometimes lower than shown, provided time allows for a direct import.

There are so many different options when looking at these bottles, it is hard to see them all in any one spot. The best solution is to contact us when developing your promotional plan.

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BPA Free Custom Water Bottles

As one of our first specials, we are offering one of our favorite new designs on special. This 32 ounce screw top, BPA free sport bottle is the latest in up scale designs. Not only do they come with a number of lid options, they are also available in colors!

One of the latest buzz words describing new BPA free polymers is Tritan Co-polyester. There are a number of bottle configurations available. This 32 ounce container is ideal for breweries or any manufacturer that sells product by the quart. Other sizes I’ve fpund are 27 ounce water bottles  and 22 ounce water bottles.

Minimum orders are as low as 36 units ($7.99 + $50 setup). The $4.99 price is for 144 units (+$50 setup). Orders over $500 placed and paid for before 1-20-2012, qualify you for a raffle for Super Bowl Tickets.

For a wide selection of custom water bottles click here.

For free samples, contact us with your shipper number.