Ultimate Recycled Glass Water Bottles

These are for the person who has everything. The ultimate in eco-friendly high end water bottles. These are ideal for resorts that will spare no expense for perfection. For individuals that yearn for the best of the best.

They are available in 2 sizes. 22 and 16 ounce. ┬áMinimum order is 32 units and the price range is $30 – $33 each for the 16 ounce and $32 – $35 for the 22 ounce. This includes customization and there is a $50 setup charge. These prices are based on deep etch only, with color fill available at an additional charge.

I would like to see these used in Advertising Agencies where an eco-friendly environment is important. Imagine if you were a client and were asked if you wanted a bottle of water and it was served in this container, and then you could take it with you? These are so much better than reusing plastic water bottles. While these may appear to be the most expensive bottled waters, the cost comes down significantly by re-using them over and over. Therefore they are the best reusable water bottles on the market. And of course, they are BPA free. There are a number of sources for individual glass water bottles, but we are the best source for custom water bottles.

Promotional products are really all about the image you want your customer/prospect/employee to remember you by. Next time you are considering purchasing 1000 water bottles, also consider a smaller quantity for the masses and 2-3 cases of these for the people that are most important to you, because that is exactly what these say… “You are important to me”.

Samples are $35 each plus shipping.


Here are a few examples of customization. The Facebook bottle is a straight deep etch, while the other 2 are etched and color filled.